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rumor that the parade showcasing China's latest military achievement will be conducted in an economical way. "Chinese military forces have a tradition of fulfilling large causes by spending less money," Senior Colonel Chen Zhou, an expert with the PLA's Military Science Academy, said▓ i

n an online communication with netizens on eve of▓ China's Spring Festival. "We could see that

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the para▓de on National Day would be solemn and cost-effecti▓ve," said Chen who has participated in drafting China's national defense white paper six▓ times. A number of netizen

s also questioned whether China would shrink its defense spending since the financial crisis has already cut the budgets of numerous enterprises and directly impacts the country's export-oriented companies. Colonel Wen Bing, a researcher with the academy, said although Chi▓na has raised it defense spending thanks to annual gr▓owing revenue, it has never gone beyond endurable economy. Wen also revealed that the defense budget has ▓been made according to China's laws and ▓it will be submitted for approval to the annual se▓ssion of National People's Congress, the top legis▓lature, in March. College: Fudan UniversityMajor: BiologyHo

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ng's spa goers, and it's easy to see why. Their luxurious Thai-style

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